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" Hannah is small, but one of the largest personalities we've ever had preform! She really knows how to get everyone drinking! " 

- Bar Owner of Wisconsin

" She performed at my bachelorette party and really....really.... got the crowd going!!! It was PERFECT "

- Frequent Bar Goer / Bachlorette

" Hannah Rose brings a top level of personalized performance to enhance the experience for our Guests at Hilly Haven! She is professional and popular! " 

- Charles, Owner Hilly Haven Golf Course

Hannah is a wonderful and beautiful musician/singer/performer with talent on loan from GOD! With her personality and voice you won't even need a full band, she is amazing all by herself! Only problem I have is not being able to book her enough because she is in high demand! If you haven't experienced The Hannah Project yet YOU BETTER or life will not be complete!

Rick Woldt - Local Bar Owner

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